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The first wollastonite fiber project settles down in Huangshi City——the first in China!

Source:Hubei TV    Author:admin    Time:2015-6-5    Clicks:

Hubei Station (Huangshi: HU Zhengzhong & TANG Yayan) This morning, Wuhan Development & Investment Co., LTD and Huangshi Decheng Industrial Group Co.,Ltd signed a strategic framework cooperation agreement in the intent of jointly developing wollastonite fiber products. As is known, when wollastonite fiber products step into commercial process, Huangshi City will have the first in China, and the second around the world, top wollastonite producer.

The total investment into wollastonite fiber production project is to amount to 500 million yuan. Of this amount, 270 million will be invested for the first phase. The annual production will reach 60,000 tons, which is mainly applied in engineering plastic, functional coating and paint. It is estimated that the annual revenue will reach 220 million yuan with the annual profit and tax of over 50 million. It has huge market potential both in domestic and international markets. At the moment, enterprises from USA and Korea already show great concern in these products.

Interviewee: KE Haiyan,chief engineer,Party Member, and director of theinvestment attraction group of at Huangshi Bureau of Land and Resources.
KE Haiyan: As the investment attraction group of Huangshi Bureau of Land and resources, we do not simply aim at attracting one project or completing one task. Our aim is to build up a stronger industrial park and realize a comprehensive development of mineral resources by using the high-grade non-metal mineral resources that we already have.

Interviewee: WU Bo, General Manager Assistant, Wuhan Development & Investment Co., LTD.
WU Bo : As a large-scale state-run enterprise in Wuhan City, we have great expectations for the wollastonite mineral resources in Huangshi City. We are more than willing to provide capital guarantee for building up a stronger non-metal industrial chain in Huangshi.

Interviewee: WANG Deqiang, Chairman of Huangshi Decheng Industrial Group Co., LTD.
WANG Deqiang:This industrial park will yield products worth more than 5 billion yuan with profit and tax of over 1 billion yuan.

It is reported that, relying on wollastonite intensive processing and high-grade wollastonite resources,both parties will induce a large batch of downstream industrial enterprises to settle down in Huangshi city, set up non-metal industrial chain to step into processing industrial park. Their further aim is an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of wollastonite fiber powder.