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Compared with protection slag with non-wollastonite as base, protection slag with wollastonite as base shows merits as follows:

1.Being able to simplify technics by decreasing binder types; ensuring composition stabilized after mix-preparation, ensuring uniformity of slag.

2.Being better adapted to steel types, applicable to plain carbon steel, quality carbon steel, and low alloyed steel.

3.As wollastonite does not contain crystal water or carbonate, moisture, volatile component and exhausting are greatly reduced in the process of protection slag meltdown, thus reducing the possibility of steel surface enbrittlement and longitudinal cracking.

4.Wollastonite has strong absorption and dissolving capacity of impurity.

5.The viscosity of protection slag varies little along with temperature in the process of continuous casting. With good thermo-stability, such protection slag  is applicable in wide temperature scope. 

6.After being applied on the molten steel in the crystallization device, protection slag with wollastonite immediately forms a melting layer with appropriate thickness and covers the molten steel evenly to insulate it from the air to prevent secondary oxidation. With granulated slag inside the crystallization device, it works well to maintain the temperature of the molten steel. Mold flux shapes evenly thin vitreous body, as its viscosity is relatively low after melting, so that it works for lubrication and protection without affecting the crystallization and cooling of casting billet.

7.Wollastonite binder can be compounded into fluoride-free protection slag which reduces fluoride pollution, harm to human body and equipment corrosion.

8.Wollastonite binder can be compounded into low-carbon or carbon-free mold flux with good metallurgical performance, which is applicable to diversified continuous casting technics. This reduces carbon additive to casting billet in the course of continuous casting, increases casting yield, improves lubrication and casting speed, reduces break out accidents,increase continuous casting productivity while reduce cost.

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