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Featured with good wear resistance, thermal stability, insulation, low oil absorption, acicular shape, wollastonite plays an important role as fillings for plastic and rubber products:

1.It increases wear and scratch resistance;

2.It increases shock strength and enables the products to enjoy high electrical and thermal insulation;

3.It increases thermal and dimensional stability;

4.It increases surface finish quality;

5.It largely substitutes for titanium pigment, clay, and lithopone for reinforcing, and increases hiding and whitening effect of white stain;

6.When used in styrene-butadiene rubber, organically modified wollastonite can increases the tensile strength, tearing strength, elongation at break, wear resistance. The surface of organically modified wollastonite has lipophilicity, which improves its moistening and dispersion when used in nonpolar styrene-butadiene rubber. As sodium oleate molecules has double bond linkage ,it can participate in vulcanization, and strengthen crosslingking and reinforcing  function.

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