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Wollastonite is used to manufacture glazed tiles, sanitary porcelain, household porcelain, artistic porcelain, electric porcelain, high-frequency low-consumption wireless porcelain, chemical stoneware, coloring matter, glass, mold, etc.

1.Wollastonite is used to decrease burning temperature: wollastonite works as solvent in sanitary porcelain base; appropriate amount of wollastonite will decrease base burning temperature much. It is a good choice especially for energy saving and low-temerature firing technics.

2.Wollastonite is used to shorten firing time: as wollastonite’s burning cauterant is low, the thermal expansion is low and linear, and wollastonite undergoes uniform temperature change, neither obvious decalescence or exotherm nor phase transition will take place before burning temperature reaches 1200 degrees. Therefore, wollastonite suits fast firing and save energy by shortening firing time.

3.Wollastonite helps to promote porcelain production technics, furnace construction, sintering process, and operational methods on account of time and energy saving, low-temperature burning, and improved physiochemical properties.

4.Wollastonite, with low expansion coefficient and water solubility, helps to reduce sintering shrinkage, changes flexure and fracture significantly, and form mold easily.

5.Wollastonite is used to optimize porcelain quality. Household porcelain with appropriate wollastonite can substitute certain type of quartz and limestone materials to avoid pinholes and glaze bubble caused by carbon dioxide emission out of limestone decomposition. Wollastonite can reduce high-temperature viscosity of glaze, and improves lustrousness and flatness.

6.With acicular shape and wear resistance, wollastonite improves mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and scratch hardness of products.