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Resource Introduction
FJS wollastonite is world-known for its big crystal and bunchiness. With verified reserves of 5 million tons and recoverable deposits of 10 million tons of mineral resources, FJS Co. has solid foundation of building itself a world top wollastonite producer.

FJS wollastonite is skarn wollastonite. Its major mineral is wollastonite with small amounts of garnet, diopside, clacite calcspar, quartz, and a minimum amount of medal impurity including iron and copper pyrites. Its major texture includes cyclopean plate-column texture, cyclopean fibrous texture, block structure. This makes wollastonite appearing in aggregate of plate-column and fibrous. FJS wollastonite is composed of high-grade wollastonite.
Ingredients    Contents
SiO2           45.97%~50.74%
CaO            42.07%~47.75%
Fe2O3          0.22%~1.86%
FeO            0.057%~0.24%
Al2O3          0.13%~1.54%
P2O5           0.00%~0.01%
S              0.0022%~0.022%

Mine management
With a complete organization and a yearly production capacity of 150, 000 tons of crude ore,FJS has established perfect system of responsibility in safe production and rigorous safe production management network by upholding the principle of safety, standardization, high efficiency and environmental protection and following the policy of “safety first, prevention first and comprehensive administration”.
With unremitting efforts, FJS has gained high recogntion and good reputation among the government and customers, and was appraised as “Non-Coal Mine Work Safety Standardization Level-2 Enterprise”. The high-grade mineral resources and sound safe production management offer the powerful guarantee for the development of FJS Co..