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Featured with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and ultra-violet resistance, ultrafine wollastonite fiber, as functional filling, improves performance of paint products while reducing production cost.

1.It substitutes for titanium pigment as inert pigment for overcurtaining and incrementation. It reduces production cost, increases film thickness so that the film is firm, and wear- and crack-resistant. It (also)adjusts the rheological properties of paint, such as thickening, deposition prevention.

2.Owing to relatively high index of refraction, wollastonite plays the role of flatting agent in paint. It keeps paint color bright and purified, evenly distributed on the surface. Also owing to wollastonite’s high index of refraction, film or paint is able to obstruct visible light and ultraviolet radiation to have better ageing resistance and longer life expectancy.

3.When used in poly propylene anti-corrosive paint, the acicular structure of wollastonite works to make paint show higher surface gloss and better water-proof corrosion, and buffers ph-value.

4.With low expansion coefficient, wollastonite can improve thermal stability of heat-resistant paint.

5.With low oil absorption, wollastonite helps to reduce consumption of cementing substance.

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