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6S management fully roll out

Source:Hubei Fengjiashan Wollastonite Fiber Co.,    Author:admin    Time:2015-6-5    Clicks:

A top enterprise and a top product are accompanied with top management pattern. To ensure effective field management, FSJ Co. has taken measures to create safe and clean and civilized production environment and stimulate the staff to be keenly aware of safe and standardized production. To name a few, FSJ Co. set up “6S Management” promotion group, and issued “FSJ Implementation Measures of 6S Management” in July 2014. The general principles are as follows:

1. Promoting in steps: practiced in production workshop first, adopted generally later;

2. Setting examples: managers taking the lead, popularizing among the staff;

3. Setting templets, summing up experience, each member taking his responsibility.

In the meantime, FSJ Co. formulates 6S Management Standards for each workshop and weekly contingent survey is made so that problems are pinpointed, reported and solved in time.

Over the past year’s implementation of 6S Management, FSJ Co. has achieved the expected and phenomenal progress in resources regulation, field management, and cleanness, tidiness and organization of articles, which increases working efficiency and staff’s spirit while minimizing wasting of resources. 6S Management has been fully underway since FSJ Co. formulated "6S Management Promotion Plan in Offices and Logistics Department" and other series measures on May 1, 2015.