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Tokyo High-performance Plastic & Composite Materials Exhibition

Source:Hubei Fengjiashan Wollastonite Fiber Co.,    Author:admin    Time:2015-6-5    Clicks:

From April 8 to 10, 2015, Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center witnessed the Tokyo High-performance Plastic & Composite Materials Exhibition, which is the top-scale international exhibition on high-performance plastic and coating technology, attracting over 400 enterprises and 50,000 professional visitors from around the world.

It is the first time for FSJ Co. to attend the Tokyo Exhibition and to show up at the overseas exhibition. FSJ Co. received professional visitors from almost 150 companies for business counseling and discussion. The three crude bundle big-crystal wollastonite on display attracted professionals and earned their great interest and high praise.

Several Japanese enterprises showed cooperation intent to be the agent for FSJ products. Through face-to-face communication, we figure out a framework of wollastonite fiber market in Japan and the diversified concerns on wollastonite fiber application. This is valuable for future research and development, and market segmented positioning.

On the second day of the exhibition, FSJ Co. received a special visitor who was a journalist from China Chemical Industry News. She was also attracted by the pretty crude wollastonite exhibits and interviewed FSJ Chairman. The Chairman briefed on her the development and prospect of the company. After nine years’ efforts and improvement, FSJ Co. has solved the problems of wollastonite purifying through joint work with a German equipment manufacturer. Now it is the only manufacturer of ultrapure, ultrafine, ultra-long wollastonite fiber with high activity in China. And FSJ Co. aims to be a world top wollastonite fiber manufacturer.

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