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Huangshi introduces wollastonite intensive processing project worth 200 million yuan—2nd largest reserves in China

Source:Dongchu News    Author:Anonymous    Time:2013-3-12    Clicks:

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(Journalist: LUO Qin; Reporter: HE Maoping) Huangshi Decheng Industrial Group Co. Ltd and Wuhan Development & Investment Co. Ltd signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement yesterday. They plan to invest no less than 1.2 billion yuan to establish a joint venture in mineral resources, industrial estate, wollastonite fiber intensive processing.

As is reported, Huangshi Decheng Industrial Group Co. Ltd, in possession of 7.695 million tons of wollastonite, plans to invest 300 million yuan to set up a wollastonite purifying and intensive processing project with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons. This project applies for environment-protective building materials, plastic & rubber, and functional coatings.

As is known, Huangshi city has large reserves of non-metal resources, including wollastonite whose reserves rank 2nd in China. This project will increase the value of wollastonite fiber. The two companies agreed to start the project this year with the initiative investment of no less than 200 million yuan.